Things to Know About Radon

A lot of homeowners might not have heard of it. However, radon is a part of our lives. There is radon wherever we live.  

Here are several things that a homeowner must know about radon. This includes how it can affect your health and your home. 

It Can Leak Into Your House 

Whenever natural radioactive uranium gradually decays in the soil beneath our house and leaks to the surface, radon gas is produced. A few radon gases get indoors through the floor due to the way people ventilate and heat their houses. This is the main reason why people are exposed to radon.  

Some Houses Might Have High Levels of Radon 

Typically, all houses contain radon. However, the levels are quite low. On the other hand, several houses might have higher levels. This is particularly true in some country houses. The possibilities of higher level vary on the type of soil. For example, levels of radon might be higher in parts of the country that is rich in granite.  

You Can Easily Test Radon Levels in Your House 

There are a lot of maps online that you can use to see if you are living in place that’s likely to be affected by high radon levels. Fortunately, you can always avail a radon test Denver CO 

You Can Lower Radon Levels in Your House 

While high radon levels at home can be an issue, the excellent news is that you can lower them by mere building works. A lot of individuals will immediately think about the cost. However, you should not worry too much since there are a lot of choices that you can choose from. It depends on the radon level and the style of your house. The cost will range from several hundred dollars to a couple of dollars. Radon solutions include installing a small pump in your loft that blows in air gently or adding or replacing ventilation bricks in exterior walls. Almost every remedy will work for a lot of years and will only require minimal inspection.  

You Need to Take Action If You’ve Got High Levels of Radon 

It can lead to damage to the sensitive cells of your lungs if you breathe in high levels of radon over a long period of time. This type of exposure can also improve the chances of lung cancer. In the United States alone, radon causes around a thousand of lung cancer deaths. You can also drastically improve the risks of developing lung cancer if you are exposed to high levels of radon and you are a smoker.  

This is the reason why it is crucial you do something about it if you have high radon in your house and you smoke. To help lower the levels of radon in your home, you can caulk and seal foundation openings and cracks. You can also install a soil radon reduction system (fan and vent pipe system). Always ask a professional to know which option is best for you and your home.  

How to Capture Leads

It is already an old-school process whenever a person contacts you asking about a certain product they saw in your local newspaper ad. The development of advertising platforms and technology has enabled consumers to move from old-school media outlets such as TVs and Newspapers to digital sites and social media.  

Because of this, there is a lot of different marketing and advertising platform that has risen for the past several years. This includes local online shops with a delivery option on Shopify and selling on social media channels such as Twitter and Facebook. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, it is really the dream of any marketer.  

Here are several lead generation Denver CO strategies that can help you scale your business: 

Capturing Leads on Your Site 

For those who do not know, the process in which you’re enticing your target clients to get them interested in purchasing your services or products is called lead generation.  

The first strategy that you can use to capture leads is to use your website. This means that you’ve got to work out to capture the attention of your target clients whenever they land on your website.  

You will need the following if you want to capture leads on your site: 

  • A compelling CTA (Call to Action) 
  • An Optin Form 
  • An enticing offer 
  • A high-converting landing page. 

Capture Leads on Social Media 

Of course, you shouldn’t stick only with lead generation on your site. You should not disregard the potential of social media. Social media can enhance visibility and ranking for SEO and directly drives leads.  

For social media lead generation, there are 3 vital websites that you’ve got to consider. These websites are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

Lead Generation Tips 

  • Regularly Blog 

You might have already heard that the ideal thing for inbound marketing is to consistently blog.  

You need to produce a huge range of content such as round-ups, how-to’s, and special blog series that educate your consumers. You can earn easily their trust and convert them into clients if you regularly add value.  

Allowing you to convert a single visitor into a repeating user is the main benefit of having a blog. This is particularly true if they subscribe to your newsletter.  

  • Place Social Buttons to Your Email Newsletter 

You should offer your subscribers the option to share your newsletters if you want to use them.  

This will promote your email subscribers to follow you. However, it can also help you acquire new email subscribers if they share your message.  

You do not have to add a button. It could just be a mere call-to-action that includes a link.  

  • Produce a Promo Video 

There are different types of learners. Not all people learn by reading. A few of them learn by listening and looking.  

You can easily educate your consumers on your service or product by producing a promo video. In addition to that, you can utilize tools to add a call-to-action within the video. This will help you get an email address 

5 Advanced Plumbing Tools Your Business and Home Must Have

While everybody must have the most fundamental plumbing tools in their toolkits to fix leaking pipes, drips, and clogs, there’s a thrilling world aside from pipe wrenches, metal files, and hacksaws.  Innovative tools for plumbing are intended according to the needs and trends when it comes to the plumbing world. Moreover, these items can go a long way to help your plumbing systems to run smoothly. You will also be surprised to know how efficient they are to use while doing your drain cleaning and repair services. Keep on reading for more details: 

Better drain cleaners 

 You are not stuck handling a corded and cumbersome drain cleaner these days. There are infinite new selections out in the market, and such advanced plumbing tools can save time as you add efficiency and convenience to any plumbing task. 

For more portability particularly in small areas or spaces where a power outlet can’t easily be seen, think about having a cordless drain cleaner.  Maybe a hybrid drain snake is what you’re searching for if you want to easily switch from floor-based to handheld in one robust machine. Or if you are after for speed, a flex shaft drain cleaner can help you complete the job fast. 

PEX tools and pipes 

When it comes to copper pipes, their PVC counterparts are often interchanged with cross-linked polyethylene or PEX. PEX pipes are easier to install, manages greater water pressure, flexible, and last longer since they will not corrode or rust. Moreover, they usually cost lesser compared to any legacy materials.  

For both tradespeople and plumbers, it’s essential to be aware that PEX pipes need some advanced plumbing tools in the kit, like PEX-specific expanders and crimpers.  

Propane-less torches for soldering 

If you’ve ever dealt with a task to have a watertight seal on copper pipes, perhaps you already know how vital a precision soldering torch to be included in your toolbox. But the new and improved propane-less soldering torches could be both tricky and hazardous to utilize, particularly for DIY enthusiasts. A MAPP gas torch, or the same alternative, is a useful advanced plumbing tool to complete the job effectively.   

Plumbing inspection cameras 

Thanks to the borescope or an inspection camera, you won’t ever need to guess what’s happening in a sewer or drain! This tool can take all of the happenings that happen in your system, providing a real visual insight while you are working hard. Now that cameras have emerged to be more powerful yet smaller, advanced plumbing tools feature great camera options such as self-leveling and high definition video. Aside from that, they have batteries that really last long. With this tool, you won’t need to worry about the image to be dark in the event there’s an unexpected plumbing emergency. Other models can be connected to your smartphone and can send any videos or images captured through wireless transmission. 

Whatever it is that you want to have in a drain cleaner, the innovative plumbing tools of today can really make a drastic change to the field of plumbing. 

Situations When Your RV Could End Up Being Repaired

One of the best rides you will ever experience is when you are driving out of town using recreational vehicles (RV). When doing so, you are not only given a chance to ride out of town and spend a wonderful weekend, but you could also bring a lot of things with you. If you want to bring cooking equipment, a bed, or even a whole refrigerator in your cross-county travel, RVs are a perfect ride in doing so. 

However, unlike the usual cars and trucks, RVs are more vulnerable to maintenance or RV repair. Because of their bigger size and simple built, RVs could be very hassle to use. However, when you hire a professional RV repair service provider which is trustworthy and could be contacted anytime, then you are good to go. 

When choosing to go on a ride in a RV, you need to know the basic situations that this type of vehicle could experience on the road in order for you to know the things that you need to do in order to repair it. Here are some: 

  1. Tire Blowout 

One of the most dangerous situations that could be experienced when driving down the road is when your vehicle experiences a blowout. You could lose control of the vehicle, especially when you are driving at a fast speed. Furthermore, since RV could come in big sizes, it is more vulnerable to this situation. As a responsible RV user, you should be able to check your tires every now and then, most especially when you are planning to do a long drive.  

  1. Battery Failure 

Another situation wherein your RV is vulnerable of is battery failure. This is manifested when your car will no longer start, the lights will no longer turn off and other power-related activities within the RV could no longer start. However, you could avoid this particular problem when you regularly check the power level of your battery. This is especially true when you are planning to go on a long travel.  

  1. Overheating 

This particular scenario happens frequently, especially when you are going to overuse the different amenities found in your RV. Although these amenities are very much necessary, especially when travelling, there will come a time that you would probably use these beyond its limitation that would then cause overheating. Therefore, you should check once in a while these amenities in order to avoid overheating.  

Recreational vehicles are a nice way to go gallivanting around the country. This particular type of vehicle could always come in handy, especially when you are planning to travel for a few days. However, you need to remember to check all the parts of your vehicle before travelling. You want to spend your time travelling without necessarily being disturbed by situations that could cause major repair. In the event that you could no longer stop this and end your RV being repaired, then you need to choose the best service provider there is in the market today. But, as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.