Things to Know About Radon

A lot of homeowners might not have heard of it. However, radon is a part of our lives. There is radon wherever we live.  

Here are several things that a homeowner must know about radon. This includes how it can affect your health and your home. 

It Can Leak Into Your House 

Whenever natural radioactive uranium gradually decays in the soil beneath our house and leaks to the surface, radon gas is produced. A few radon gases get indoors through the floor due to the way people ventilate and heat their houses. This is the main reason why people are exposed to radon.  

Some Houses Might Have High Levels of Radon 

Typically, all houses contain radon. However, the levels are quite low. On the other hand, several houses might have higher levels. This is particularly true in some country houses. The possibilities of higher level vary on the type of soil. For example, levels of radon might be higher in parts of the country that is rich in granite.  

You Can Easily Test Radon Levels in Your House 

There are a lot of maps online that you can use to see if you are living in place that’s likely to be affected by high radon levels. Fortunately, you can always avail a radon test Denver CO 

You Can Lower Radon Levels in Your House 

While high radon levels at home can be an issue, the excellent news is that you can lower them by mere building works. A lot of individuals will immediately think about the cost. However, you should not worry too much since there are a lot of choices that you can choose from. It depends on the radon level and the style of your house. The cost will range from several hundred dollars to a couple of dollars. Radon solutions include installing a small pump in your loft that blows in air gently or adding or replacing ventilation bricks in exterior walls. Almost every remedy will work for a lot of years and will only require minimal inspection.  

You Need to Take Action If You’ve Got High Levels of Radon 

It can lead to damage to the sensitive cells of your lungs if you breathe in high levels of radon over a long period of time. This type of exposure can also improve the chances of lung cancer. In the United States alone, radon causes around a thousand of lung cancer deaths. You can also drastically improve the risks of developing lung cancer if you are exposed to high levels of radon and you are a smoker.  

This is the reason why it is crucial you do something about it if you have high radon in your house and you smoke. To help lower the levels of radon in your home, you can caulk and seal foundation openings and cracks. You can also install a soil radon reduction system (fan and vent pipe system). Always ask a professional to know which option is best for you and your home.